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How much do you charge?

It depends… We know, just what you wanted to hear. Each project is unique, requiring different objectives, information, and levels of difficulty. We assess the work required on a per-project basis.

To help us better understand what your project requires, get in touch, and we will get back with you!

What services do you offer?

Find a complete list of services on our Studio page.

How long does it take to complete a logo?

Most logos are completed within 30 days. However, it also depends on the complexity of the initial and subsequent design requests, as well as the response times of a client.

How long does it take to complete a website?

A Base website typically takes 1 to 3 months to complete. This depends on the website’s complexity, client response times, requested modifications, and content generation.

A Blog website typically takes 1 month more than a Base website to complete.

A Shop website typically takes 2 months more than a Base website to complete.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yes, we do! However, we can always work with your host (so long as they adhere to some minimum technical requirements…which most do). We can add this to your website package.

Do you provide domain name registration?

Yes, we do! We can add this to your website package.

Can you help me choose a domain name?

Definitely! We’ll offer suggestions to help with your new business web address which will also be SEO friendly.

Can you help me with a new business name?

Most definitely! We’re also creative with naming, and would love to help with this process. A good name is one of the most important identity elements for your business / organization, which can either resonate with your audience, or be confusing. Let’s pick a great one!

I already have a website. Will you take over management or make some modifications for me?

We’d love to, and can make an assessment of the site you’d be looking at having us manage. Make sure to have your admin login credentials ready to share.

Just to Be Clear…

Startup Package

The Startup Package includes a logo, business card, and 1-page website. The logo includes 2 unique designs and 3 revisions. The business card includes 2 unique designs and 3 revisions. The 1-page website is literally 1-page, however, it contains sections about you, your company, products or services, social media, contact forms, etc. It’s aim is to quickly give you an online presence that’s professional and branded as you. This includes 1 design.

Brand Guide

A brand guide gives a visual stylistic / identity roadmap for anyone who uses the logo in any promotion. This ensures accurate, visual consistency across all mediums and promotions. The client will receive a high-quality PDF guide after development of the brand.


Minimum 12 month signup. If service is terminated before 12 month period ends, remaining balance is due. Includes: complete site backup, security updates, and 1 hour of discounted rollover designer / programmer retainer (monthly). Rollover retainer caps at 15 hours of work. Additional required time will be billed at the regular hourly rate.

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